About Us


Garrison Carida® is a group of community-minded volunteers serving Eastern and Central Pennsylvania who, through portraying the nefarious characters (or Dark Side characters) of the Star Wars films and other media, participate in, and spearhead public service initiatives, charity events, promotional appearances, and public gatherings to benefit the community.

Garrison Carida® is a part of the 501st Legion, “The World’s Definitive Imperial Star Wars Costuming Organization.” Endorsed and preferred by Lucasfilm Ltd. Garrison Carida® of the 501st Legion performs charitable events and community-based ventures, while celebrating and promoting the Star Wars universe with people young and old. Our group has participated with groups including:

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Walk Now For Autism
  • Sunshine Foundation
  • The Franklin Institute
  • Various regional children’s hospitals
  • The Today Show featuring Donald Trump
  • The Rose Parade
  • Many, many other

We, and the 501st Legion have worked closely over the years with many of the Star Wars celebrities and also with Lucasfilm at many conventions and events. As we are volunteer organization, we do not and will not charge for our services.


The troopers and squires (non-costumed assistants with photos, security, and various other indispensable tasks) who join to form Garrison Carida® are people who reach out beyond the bounds of their daily jobs and of their normal responsibilities to volunteer their time and service by participating in charitable work within the local community. The men and women who don the costumes of the various characters of the Star Wars universe, do so with the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as satisfactory to themselves. Our success continually depends on the dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm of our members to accomplish our goals of helping with the success of the events that we attend. Our members come from all parts of the community, and include teachers, business professionals, police officers, and more. The members and squires of Garrison Carida® volunteer our time based on our passion and dedication to the community and those less fortunate. We aspire to be “Bad guys doing good things.”


Garrison Carida®, a charity-focused costuming group led by volunteers, will aid in the success of regional charitable events, community-based events, and public appearances while having fun and celebrating the continuation of the Star Wars universe. Our costumes are so professional that it looks like we stepped off of the movie screen into your event.


Our troopers are always looking for new events with which to participate. If you feel we can help make your event more successful, please contact us to set up an appearance. We endeavor to embody professionalism in our behavior and costumes, participation in our dedication to beneficial charity-based and community-based events, integrity in our portrayal of the iconic nefarious characters of Star Wars, and activity in our continuing commitment to the communities we serve.

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