Imperial Academy

Academy Logo

To educate, mentor, and graduate the Cadets of the Garrison Carida® Imperial Academy so that each graduate has a movie authentic costume and is committed to the values, duties, and mission of Garrison Carida® and the 501st Legion.

Academy Staff

Don Haring Jr, TI 11375


Martin Miller BH/DS/DZ/SL/TD/TK-1524

Todd Lechniak TB/TD/TK/TR/TS-7032

Butch Staley, IC/ID/IG/IN/IS/TA/TI-8544
501st Membership Frame
Jamie Reinard TK-18652
501st Membership Frame
Jesse Rohrer TR-11309

A.J. Hamler TK 51351

Christina  M Shaw
Christina Shaw TX/DZ 81007

David Kreyling TD/DZ/DS/SL-12716

Richard Gambler IC/TI/TR/SL/IN/ID-29500

Andrew Gilbert ID/DZ/TI/TB/IG/SL/IS-62258
Joseph L Fencl

Joseph L Fencl BH 12060

Dean Flyte ID/DZ/IC/TI/IN/ID/SL-99913

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