Friends & Supporters


Brian’s Toys

Brian’s Toys specializes in Star Wars toys and collectibles, ranging from early vintage items to the most recent releases. Brian’s Toys, a world renowned source for all types of collectors, is also a great source for G.I. Joe, Masters Of The Universe, and Transformers items.


Coolwaters Productions

Coolwaters represents actors for personal appearances and autograph signings. Clients include Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Doug Jones, Warwick Davis.


Creature Cantina

Home of the Creature Cantina comic strip, this site pokes fun at the world of Star Wars and its all encompassing hobbies.


Federation Toys

Your source for Star Wars action figures & toys!


Kevin Graham Art

Lucasfilm Topps artist Kevin Graham is a highly detailed pen and ink illustrator who’s art has been seen on numerous sketch cards for some of the best science fiction and fantasy films including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. His work is also seen in Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards, Dr. Who Sketch Cards, Wizard of Oz Sketch Cards, Personal Illustrations, Family Illustrations, Pet/Animal Illustrations, Comic Illustrator – Comic Book Covers, Pin up Illustrations, Custom Sketch Cards and much more. His home site includes, custom illustrations, portraits, Star Wars art: Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Clone Troopers Comic Book artist/art: Batman, Tumbler, King Kong and many Celebrity Illustrations.
Kevin has also recently drawn sketch cards using members of the 501st Legion Garrison Carida as models for the Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary trading card set.


Jason S. Colflesh Photography

A photographer and denizen of Bucks County, PA Jason’s interests range from wildlife to human subjects. Action and moving subjects are his particular favorites, but he also works with posed and studio-style photographs.


Mid-Atlantic Promotions

With over five years of experience in Marketing and Promotions, Mid-Atlantic Promotions has done it all from small in-store events to fully autonomous tours. Our enthusiastic staff of frontline marketers will represent your product in a fun, professional manner while providing you with invaluable market report information.


The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society

The PSWCS is dedicated to enhancing the collecting experiences of Pennsylvania Star Wars collectors. We’ve created this network to facilitate collecting needs, share information, and socialize. We’re open to all collectors who currently live in Pennsylvania or have significant ties to Pennsylvania.


The Toy Cave

Handing out Star Wars toys to sick children at several hospital visits is a difficult task, and that’s where the Toy Cave shines. One of our staunchest supporters, they have continually assisted in toy drives to help ensure we maintain a good stock of toys on hand to brighten sick kids’ days.


Cloud City Collectibles

Cloud City Collectibles is a U.S. based corporation founded in 1998 which focuses on the aquisition and sales of vintage Star Wars toys, better defined as toys produced prior to 1990. The founder has been an avid Star Wars collector since the early 1990’s and has gained a worldwide recognition for being one of the most trusted and knowledgeable Star Wars enthusiasts.