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Garrison Carida is the local chapter of the 501st Legion, the world’s 

largest costuming club.  Serving Eastern and Central Pennsylvania,

Garrison Carida appears officially at community and charitable events

throughout the region, such as hospital visits, parades, movie

premieres, conventions, and charity fundraisers and gatherings. We are

an all-volunteer club, made up of people who live and breathe Star



Garrison Carida is known as one of the top garrisons in the 501st

Legion, for our costumes and our Troopers, and a big reason for our

success is our Imperial Academy. In 2003 we were the first garrison in

the 501st Legion to implement and operate a local Academy and we’re

still one of the few to have one to this day.


You may apply for membership in the Garrison and 501st Legion without

going thru the Academy.* However, without help, can a daunting task.

The Academy does not just build costumes. We build Troopers.


Enlist in the Academy and get the following:

    An Experienced Advisor, to guide you through the process

    Access to our forums

    Your personal build thread to document the process and ask questions

    Attend events officially as a Squire, to help our costumed Troopers


In return, we have only a few requirements:

     You must be 18 years old.

     Communicate, and post in your build thread at least once per month.


     Make progress in your costume build. You can work at your own speed

      and budget, but you need to show movement towards a goal.

     Attend a MINIMUM of one event per year as a Squire. There is no better

      way to learn! See costumes behind-the-scenes and meet our Troopers.


Once you are approved as a full member of the 501st Legion and Garrison

Carida, to maintain membership you must troop officially at least once per

year in costume.


Do you love Star Wars and want to serve in the 501st Legion?

Looking to troop and give back to the community?


To enlist in the Imperial Academy, please answer all the following

questions in the form below. Please allow time for your application to be



* You do not have to join the Garrison Carida Imperial Academy to join

Garrison Carida or the 501st Legion. If you do not join the Academy, you

will NOT have access to Garrison Carida forums and events until you are

a fully approved member of the 501st Legion.

Already in the 501st Legion and want access to the Garrison Carida forums? Request access to

our forums HERE.E