Garrison Carida® of the 501st Legion. Celebrating service to Central and Eastern PA for 20 years!

Garrison Carida® is a chapter of the 501st Legion serving Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

What we do


Serve our Communities

Our commitment to serving our communities is evident in our efforts to unite individuals for charitable endeavors, ranging from local library reading events to nationally recognized Make-A-Wish initiatives. Through our community engagement, we strive to empower children with a sense of maturity while also reigniting the youthful spirit in adults.


Costume Construction

Our members are expertly guided in the art of crafting precise replicas of the renowned costumes featured in “Star Wars.” Although constructing a costume can be a labor-intensive endeavor, the final product mirrors the on-screen attire so faithfully that it appears as though we have seamlessly transitioned from the cinematic world into reality.


Spreading Passion for "Star Wars"

Plain and simple, our hearts beat for “Star Wars!” But even more essential, we hold a special place for the individuals of all ages who share our passion for the galaxy far, far away.


Troopers In Carida

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Troops This Year

Join Us for a Celebration

We would be honored to have you join us. At Garrison Carida, we cherish our diverse community where individuality is celebrated. Immerse yourself in our identity, discover our partnership with the 501st Legion, and witness how these elements intertwine to ignite your thrilling costume-building journey.

Planning a Charity Event?

Elevate your event by having volunteers attend dressed in authentic "Star Wars" costumes!

The “Star Wars” family is far-reaching! While Garrison Carida® portrays the “villains” of the films and TV shows, there are other clubs that portray more characters from that galaxy far, far away.  Visit them through the links below.

Rebel LegionPortraying the “good guys” of “Star Wars”

Kyber Base — The Eastern Pa. chapter of the Rebel Legion

Mando Mercs — Mandalorian characters from “Star Wars”