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    Garrison Carida® does nine hospital visits each year and one of the annual visits is done at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Members of Garrison Carida bring a professional attitude and dedication when they take new Star Wars toys to hand out the children that they visit. Garrison Carida delivers many smiles and happiness to the children who are in the hospital. As the troopers go from room to room, you can see the kids’ faces light up with excitement as Lord Vader and his troops seemingly step off of their transport and into their very room. The toys are a little token and help the kids to remember their visitors from a galaxy far, far away.

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    Make-a-Wish for Joshua Garrison Carida® works with a number of different charity organizations and Make-a-Wish is one of them. On April 28, 2007, members of Garrison Carida made the dreams of a sick little boy named Joshua come true. Garrison Carida presented Joshua with a stormtrooper helmet (complete with the signatures of the members in attendance), a Darth Vader lightsaber from LucasFilm and an autographed poster from Hayden Christansen himself. The imperials made their entrance and Darth Vader and Boba Fett marched up the center to greet Joshua. Joshua was all smiles the instant he laid eyes on the first trooper.

    There wasn’t a dry eye in the room (or under the helmets) as everyone watched Joshua light up the lightsaber and put on the stormtrooper helmet. Joshua’s night was rounded out with a big group shot of him with all of the characters from Star Wars. The troopers of Garrison Carida are dedicated to making children happy and are strong supporters of charity.

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    Garrison Carida®, is also present at many autism and charitable walks across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. One of the annual events that the garrison attends is the Walk for Autism in Allentown. At the walk, Darth Vader trades in his Imperial Shuttle and him and his loyal troops make their entrance on the local fire trucks. The day starts with the troopers lining up at the start of the walk. When the ribbon is cut, the dedicated members of the Empire are on hand to cheer the kids and the walkers on as they begin their walk.

    Once all of the teams have begun their journey, the imperials go and gather with the children and other participants at the tents. From there, members freely roam around and interact with the children. Many high-fives, hugs and smiles abound as the kids get to interact with their favorite characters from Star Wars.

    If you have any additional questions, please direct them to the Garrison Press Officer